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SELECT: discretionary asset management

discretionary asset management

Introducing Select, Accilent’s new bespoke portfolio management offering for the investor who wants something more— experience the freedom of our discretionary asset management and harness the expertise of our Portfolio Managers for tailored results.

A diversified portfolio, designed to your needs? With Select—our bespoke discretionary asset management—you harness the power of expert portfolio management alongside Accilent’s guiding principals to build a custom portfolio that meets your goals. Our understanding of global economic environments; private placement opportunities, and aligned interest keeps us investing alongside our investors.


Select goes beyond traditional due diligence and research. Our priority is knowing you, our client, and understanding your financial goals and risk tolerance needs. The design of all our portfolio solutions and investment mandates start when we assess your risk capacity, your risk attitude, and your risk need—to provide you with a true feeling of financial freedom, and confidence in a selective investment portfolio tailored to those needs.


We offer 5 service streams and mandates that bring the best to each portfolio no matter what your needs— these 5 mandates embody the wide span of our tactical and strategic approaches, passive and active investment philosophies, and the global portfolio opportunities that allow for greater yields, less correlation, and more control over both long and short-term positioning and performance.



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