Recently, West Red Lake Gold Mines created a video that mixed passion and excitement for its Madsen mine development. The piece showcased some of its top talent – people like Frank Giustra (Co-founder and Strategic Advisor), Gwen Preston (Independent Mining Analyst & Resource Maven), and Jillian Christmann (West Red Lake Gold Mines, Chief Geologist) among others.

Of course at Accilent we were thrilled to see CEO and Portfolio Manager Dan Pembleton join the team and voice his passionate opinion regarding the project.

West Red Lake Gold is among the Canadian resource companies featured in Accilent’s tax efficient Pavilion Flow-Through LP 2022.

Learn more about the Pavilion Resource Fund here.

“It starts with the rocks,” says Pembleton in the video about the Madsen gold mine, at West Red Lake. “West Red Lake has a long history of long life, high grade deposits… the energy that’s been put into West Red Lake now…the transaction to acquire the Madsen mine, it’s completely transformative…” Watch the full video and pay special attention to how Dan finishes his comment around the 1:20 mark – now that’s gold.