Accilent Capital Management Inc. | Royalty Funds
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Accilent Capital: Royalty Funds

Rev Royalty Fund

Accilent Capital Management Inc. is a boutique investment firm in the heart of Toronto, specializing in alternative assets and commodities.

Rev Royalty Income & Growth Trust is a unique way for an investor to gain exposure to a business’s wealth creation activities at the revenue level, without having to take on that business’s risk.

Rev Royalty focuses on 5 different areas of investment (including real estate, cloud services, medical factoring, mining and credit) to maximize return potential.

Our expert team has created a low-correlated, diversified portfolio of royalty and other credit opportunities that yields monthly distributions and still targets growth— a great compliment to any portfolio.

The following is intended as a summary of certain matters relating to the Partnership and is qualified in its entirety by the detailed information appearing elsewhere in the Offering Memorandum. To obtain complete offering documents, please feel free to call us weekdays between 9:00am and 5:30pm [EST] toll-free at 1-877-429-9779, or locally at 416-429-9779; or email us anytime at

Rev Royalty Fund Summary

Low interest rates and expanded money supply have squeezed investors out of traditional savings investments of bond and GICs. The yields are just too low.
Dividend paying stocks leave capital exposed to risk such as the recent oil price sell-off.

Rev Royalty Fund provides lending through preferred originators and directly.

The fund yields monthly distributions to investors while still targeting growth primarily through the royalty portion of the portfolio.

The diversified portfolio creates more stable distributions.

Strategies are not correlated to equity market returns.

Strategy and Objectives

The Investment Objective

The Fund was established for the purposes of investing indirectly, through the Partnership, in securities or other investments in the areas of royalties and structured finance offerings to publicly listed or private entities located in Canada, the United States or in other international jurisdictions, that provide the potential to earn a high level of regular income and/or cash distributions compared to traditional fixed income or dividend paying investments with understandable and manageable risks in the opinion of the Portfolio Manager with opportunities to achieve growth through warrants, convertibility features, or other equity ownership in target companies.

The investment objectives will be achieved by the Partnership making direct investments or indirect investments in other entities in the following areas of royalties and structured finance, in addition to managing from time to time, equity securities such as, warrants, options, installment receipts and other securities related to such activities:

  • purchasing and originating royalties or commodity streaming purchase contracts and/or similar structured secured or unsecured debt, preferred equity or common equity and/or revenue participation in various commodity resource sectors including mining, oil and gas, timber and agricultural commodities or companies (“Resource Royalty Investments”);
  • purchasing and originating royalties on revenue streams, or similar structured secured or unsecured debt, preferred equity or common equity and/or revenue participation in various industrial sectors including, without limitation, logistics and transportation, power generation, cloud-based managed service contract financing, technology, medical, healthcare, bio-technology and (ii) providing and originating asset backed lending, financing for durable goods, and secured primary and subordinated debt lending opportunities in various industries primarily to manufacturing and industrial companies; (“Industrial Royalties and Structured Investments”);
  • investing in insured or uninsured accounts receivable factoring in various industries, including without limitation various medical factoring areas, primarily originated in the United States (“Factoring Investments”);
  • investing in first and second mortgage lending and real estate construction or mezzanine lending (including U.S. and Canadian residential and commercial mortgage backed securities) (the “Real Estate Lending Investments”);
  • purchasing and originating debt obligations from companies that provide consumer credit as well as structured consumer financing for credit card receivables and consumer credit loans to those who are unable to obtain financing from traditional sources (“Consumer Credit Financing Investments”); and
  • making such other similar investments that meet the Fund’s desire for security and returns.

Accilent Capital Management, Investment Manager

The General Partner has retained Accilent as the investment manager (the “Investment Manager”) of the Partnership. Accilent is registered as a portfolio manager (PM), exempt market dealer (EMD), Investment Fund Manager (IFM) and commodities trading manager (CTM) regulated by the Ontario Securities Commission.

The Investment Manager’s role is to manage the Partnership’s investment portfolio and to manage the day to day operations of the partnership.

Accilent was formed in 2002 and in conjunction with other co-managers, manages multiple funds with aggregate assets under management of approximately $20 million, including funds in the areas of global equities and micro-cap companies using a proactive private equity style.

About Royalty Funds

  • Royalty funds are a unique way for an investor to gain exposure to a business’s wealth creation activities at the revenue level, without having to take on that business’s risk.
  • Royalty transactions are typically structured as revenue-based royalties or streams which provide the royalty holder a portion of an asset or businesses’ output while not exposing the royalty to the operation’s expenses.

Investment Warning

a) Sale in Canada:

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b) Offer or solicitation:

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c) Investing General:

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d) Advice:

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e) Prospectuses and Offering Memoranda:

For more info on any Accilent products, contact your registered representative. Please read the applicable Offering Memorandum or prospectus carefully before you invest, and only rely on statements made in such documents.

f) Investment Risks:

All products are subject to certain risks. Generally, investments offering potential for higher returns are accompanied by a higher degree of risk. These risks are discussed in the applicable prospectus.

g) Cautions about future or “forward-looking” statements:

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