Accilent Capital Management Inc. | Accilent Client FAQ
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Thank you for your patience as we navigate the transition to our new virtual investor communication system, while operating remotely for the first time, during a global crisis. We have compiled some of the answers to your most frequently asked questions, along with steps to resolve any issues where possible.


1. Why can I no longer access my old Accilent portal?

We suspended access to our old portal on April 1st, 2020 in order to finalize our move to a new more robust investor and communication platform called Exempt Edge. While we did send out notices and reminders regarding this transition and its timeline, we understand that this is a highly unprecedented time, and that many of our investors may not have had the opportunity to review these documents. If this describes your situation, rest assured that you will be able to access all of your investment reporting and tax forms (when they are available) by logging into your new account with us at Exempt Edge. Activation emails are being sent to clients between of April 4 -17, 2020. If you have not received an activation email from Exempt Edge on behalf of Accilent Capital, please check your email’s junk mailbox to ensure it did not get redirected there. If you have not received your invitation by Tuesday, April 21st, please contact us and we will reissue it.


2. I have received an email asking me to activate my new account with Accilent Capital. Is this legitimate?

Yes. If the email is from Exempt Edge on behalf of Accilent Capital, and has an ‘activate account’ button embedded in the body of the email, it was issued by us. Please note that you are not required to enter any personal information other than to create your new password. All your investment reporting and Accilent account information has already been migrated (or is in the process of being migrated) to the platform, and your information stored securely. If at any time you are prompted by any email to ‘reenter’ or ‘verify’ personal information, banking accounts, address, SIN, phone information, or ANY other personal information, please do not follow through until you have spoken to a representative from that company directly.


3. I can’t see an ‘activate account’ button in my email. How do I proceed?

We are aware that some clients have received activation emails that seem to be missing their ‘activate account’ buttons. We have notified Exempt Edge of this and they are currently working to fix the situation. We thank you for your patience. You will be reissued an activation email as soon as the issue is solved.


4. I was sent multiple activation emails and/or prompted to link my accounts. What should I do?


You may be receiving multiple activation emails for a few reasons.

  • You may have received an email with no ‘activate account’ button. (Activation emails are reissued.)
  • You are a client of more than one Issuer and/or EMD.
  • You share an email address with a spouse or other and would like to access both your accounts with the same login credentials.
  • You have both an Individual and a Corporate account and would like to access both accounts with the same login credentials.


For your convenience, here is more information from Exempt Edge regarding the linking  of accounts.


Accilent As Both Issuer and Dealer:

Accilent is extremely unique, in that we act as both issuer (for our own funds, such as Pavilion Resource Fund, Rev Royalty and Trust, etc.), and as a dealer for our own and for third-party funds (such as Centurion, Foregrowth, Rise, ICM, etc.). This means that if at at any time you had an Accilent Dealing Representative, and you invested in an Accilent product, currently this will generate 2 login points (for both Issuer and EMD / Dealer dashboards). All of our T5013s are uploaded (when available) to the Accilent Issuer dashboard. Please note, that whenever you are notified by email of a document upload, or required action, you will be prompted to the correct dashboard. We are working with Exempt Edge to streamline this access, and thank you for your patience as we set those changes in motion in the coming months.


5. My activation link is expired / I didn’t receive and email. How do I get a new one?

If you did not receive an activation email by April 21st, please contact us and we will reissue your new activation email. Please also ensure that your email did not get redirected to your junk mailbox.

Please note that for security purposes, activation links are only valid for 48 hours. If your link has expired, please contact us by email and we will manually reissue your activation email and new link.



6. Once I sign in, how do I find my T5013s?

All T5013s (once uploaded) can be found through the Accilent Issuer Dashboard . Once you successfully login, you will find yourself in your Exempt Edge investor account dashboard. On the top left area of the screen (under our logo), you will find links to Dashboard, Statements, and Documents. Select ‘Documents’. On the left hand of the screen you will see your tax forms for this year and years past. To view your T5013s, simply select the file – you will see the document in the viewing window on the right, where you can choose to either download or print.


7. Why am I missing some of my tax forms, investment information, or other documents?

All historical documentation has either already been migrated or is in the process of being moved to new accounts from the previous portal. All current documents and tax forms are uploaded to client accounts, as they become available to us. As in years past, tax forms are being streamed in from BDO as soon as they are finalized. For your convenience, we upload the forms as soon as we have received and processed them. Please keep in mind that we do not receive the T5013s for all of our funds at the same time. We will send out an email to notify you when a fund’s tax forms become available in your document folder. Please allow at least 30 days from transaction processing for information to be reflected in your accounts.


8. What if I want printed tax forms or statements?

During these exceptional and unprecedented times, we ask that where possible, you print your own documents. You can do this by accessing them through your Exempt Edge accounts. Accilent Capital is only able to continue to serve you through COVID-19, by working remotely from our homes. We are adapting to these sudden changes and even strengthening our virtual infrastructure to serve you better, however we will not have access to the full production capabilities of our offices and suppliers for the foreseeable future. For the continued health and safety of our staff, we will not be printing or mailing correspondence, financial or monthly statements, or other communications and reporting that would require the opening of our office; putting our staff at increased risk for exposure to COVID-19; the direct violation of provincially mandated closures. Please note that this does not refer to the printing of distribution cheques. Although we will be delivering e-documents to all our clients, we are happy to preserve your preference for printed materials in our files, and will notify you via email as soon as we can provide any or all of the requested printed materials for your files. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


9. What if I (or my client) have no access to a computer, appropriate device, or printer?

Should you not have access to a computer or printer to print your documents, please connect with us, or  have your advisor or DR connect with us on your behalf. We will assess and handle these situations on a case by case basis, in order to tailor our solution to your needs.